Monday, September 30, 2013

REVIEWs for "The Holy Dogs of Other Days"

"So bring it, 2013. Fucking bring it.Here's eight acts that fight the good fight. Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens deserves to be at the top of this list."

"To follow her thought was like following a voice which speaks too quickly to be taken down by one’s pencil. And then she paused by the pear tree. Red fresh on his lips, he followed."

"There was a twangy guitar like what you might hear in the background of a spaghetti western and there was an angular drum track like the kind you’d hear in the 25th hour of a mega-rave and there were many many echoes and theremin-ish sounds like the kind you might hope to hear and see on DMT. If I were to make a movie, any kind of movie, I would be wise to ask Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens to do the soundtrack."  Joe Miller

"Tranquilized analogous loops of psychedelic shoegaze..." 
 "...genre-bending voids that really haven’t been properly tapped until now." 
"...eruption of emotion and creativity." 
 "...collection of majestic songs are much more organic and instrumental rather than electronic and mechanical."

"...vertientes del blues, el bolero y el rock...electrónicas...sonidos tanto tropicales como desérticos"
" melodías sin precedentes en cuanto a género y composición se refiere."
 "...una huella importante basándose en la re fabricación y recreación musical de estos días."
"...strands of blues, bolero and rock...electronic...sound influences both tropical and desert"
"....unprecedented in terms of genre and composition are concerned.  
" important mark on the basis of manufacturing and re musical recreation of these days."

"...shimmering desert mirage of dusty Western psychedelia in six near-perfect songs."
"...motion in the music adds yet another dimension to his gorgeous signature sound."

"...a curiously enjoyable mixture of psychedelic, folk, electronic strangeness." 
"...can most likely only be created in the southwestern part of the United States." 

"...listening, you’ll find the dance scene alive and well, but in abandoned cantinas."

"...the album is stellar."