Sunday, July 24, 2011

I shall be loading tons of floppy discs and bending cassette tapes with the talents of Joseph Sampson, Frieda Stalheim, and Jason Iselin; all forming together as frontier man Wentworth Kersey. Come watch. 9pm @ DELITE (south broadway, Denver)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

REVERB/The DENVER POST says "Steal These" EPs...

"J. Wentworth. S. is a musical outlaw hero. Like the rugged loners who populate the spaghetti westerns from which he draws much of his inspiration, the Denver experimental musician blazes his own trails, breaks a few hearts and pulls a few burrs out of his boots while crafting his sun-drenched psychedelic desert laments." 
Released on Denver’s own Plastic Sound Supply Records, “Highway Driveway” serves as a peaceful-yet-exhilarating soundtrack to a man’s escape from the city and into the Sonoran desert. It’s a moody, reflective collection that juxtaposes organic instrumentation with analog electronic blips. Its dusty tin heart beats irregularly, like the twitching, wiggling gauges on the dashboard of a ’70s station wagon as it labors across America’s sun-burnt western expanses.
"The Poquito Pioneer,” the looser companion cassette released by Wil-Ru Records under the pseudonym JJango Cleefworth Morriconez (spaghetti western nerds should be able to unpack that one fairly easily), charts the same course, but from the perspective of a Salton Sea native returning to his homeland. Like an old cowboy who’s spent too much time in the city, its hat is ill-fitting, its boots too well-worn and its approach to the once-familiar desert landscape wary and rusty. Where “Highway Driveway” is the American euphoria and freedom of driving, “The Poquito Pioneer” is the heat stroke and fever dreams that follow."

by Eryc Eyl july 14 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

[^]LAND magazine's praise for Cleefworth/Wentworth...

"Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez is the latest moniker of Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens, following on his releases as George&Caplin, Wentworth Kersey, and Runway Estates, and adding new material to his construction of a new western aesthetic that speaks to the sounds and themes aroused by its historical landscape. The new moniker is christened by The Poquito Pioneer, on Wil-Ru Records July 13th, and arrives alongside his solo debut Highway Driveway, on Plastic Sound Supply. Both albums are high concept pieces; psychedelia with a country tinged croon and ringing drones that reference Spanish horns, exploring the artifacts and decline of the traditional “west”. Set amidst “teetering border towns” and – in The Poquito Pioneer - ultimately leading to the narrator’s childhood home in the decrepit skeleton towns near the over-salinated Salton Sea, it’s a tremendously compelling song cycle and Stevens’ evolving vision."

Posted by DWIGHT of [^]LAND.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


(Limited edition hand designed CD in sewn map casing.) (50 copies only)

(Limited edition cassette in library listening center case) (50 copies only)