Thursday, November 29, 2012

REVIEWs for "Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death"

"Morriconez paints his picture in especially dusky and burnt colorings, a lot like the sienna hue that adorns the cover image. The album flows its way through all thirteen tracks with incredibly deep production, everything suitably saturated in reverb and most textures given just the slightest amount of delay such that sounds are left to trail off into the distance, like dusts in the wind.
by Crawf
"...this is the best thing he's ever done. Essentially an instrumental album straddling post-rock and hip-hop beats, the album Cloud Of Dust, Cry Of Death (a title I absolutely love) is steeped in the titular composer's sepia-etched wild world, yet imbued with a noir element that might fast-forwards The Man With No Name (and to a lesser extent the psychedelics of Alejandro Joodorowsky) into the 21st century. I have been blown away by this record,..." by Brendan T

"The instrumentals that make up the bulk of the album are uniformly excellent, built on minimal, looping guitar figures and washes of trumpet and synthesizer, with drums that tend to amble along beside the tune rather than drive it forward. This is the aural equivalent of shimmering heat distortion rising off the highway on a long drive through nowhere: surreal, fleetingly beautiful, and tinged with an ineffable, otherworldly sadness."  by Corey Casciato

"...captures the wide expanse and desolation of the South with warm tones, melodic swaths, and psychedelic and otherworldly soundscapes."

"While Morriconez does evoke images of the west, deserts, tumbleweeds, and peyote buttons, it is actually the other side that sticks out to me as the strength of this record. Leads that sound somewhere between horns and strings, vocal effects that sound robotic, and reverb that doesn't quite sound warm enough is actually what pushes Cloud of Dust, Cry of Death above and beyond the average 'experimentalist' record and into the void of memorable, unique, records from 2012"

"And speaking of liquidy grooves it’s reminding me of Balam Acab and Peaking Lights in places too.  Basically what we’re talking here is a smooth, sensous bit of post-dub, post-driftstep, post-ambient, post-techno, post-pop that’ll bliss up your mind-grapes."