Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration, like an exploding star, is vast, expansive, and always hurling outward; but like all mass the shear gravity causes even the tiniest of particles of matter to re-connect.  I'm thankful for these small moments of gravity that my creative career has afforded me.  
Thanks Maura for re-connecting.

One reason I like art...
Last summer I went to Salvation Mountain for the first time with my wife Amy.  Just us and the lonesome mountain. But soon we met Maura, who was also there for the first time. We soon realized we all shared the common bond of being teachers. To our great fortune we were blessed to find Leonard hanging out before a swim in an irrigation ditch and he stayed to give us a tour. I left very inspired.
{Cut to a year later.}
Maura read a review of the Jjango album on YouCrazyDreamers and from the cover realized she was there that day. She contacted me and shared her excitement for the experience and the album. She too was inspired by the moment and did some artwork. (see Maura's work here) (Above is a photo from Maura I accidently snuck into.) Inspiration like an exploding star feels vast and expansive, hurling outward, but like all masses the shear gravity causes even the tiniest of particles to re-connect. I'm thankful for these small moments of gravity my creative career has afforded me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thanks for the photo, mysterious mercedes man in michigan.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

 you crazy dreamers [uk] REVIEW of the Poquito Pioneer...

"...if i had to choose my album of the year now, it would be this one because it brings me joy on so many levels. Musically it’s outstanding, it has immense atmosphere and each listen brings me new pleasures and it continually keeps me guessing. It’s such a forward thinking album with so many levels it’s very easy to go overboard and just make what is essentially noise but they, (he?) seems to know when enough is enough and has created something so astonishing it’s actually impossible to describe it in words, it needs to be heard for it to make any sense. It’s something rather beautiful."

"The psychedelic nature of the album has your imagination running wild because the album slowly feeds you nuggets of sound, a distant voice or an echo but for me it’s the overwhelming beauty that makes this album so great, so, so beautiful. Sometimes just the horns is enough to be completely overwhelmed but when you add snippets of crackle and hypnotic sounds  to such devastating effect it takes you places that most music doesn’t."
by Geordie 8/3/11, know I'm not a cowboy because I'm blushing, thanks!
to read more, go here...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Extremely honored to have a few Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez tracks appear 
on Stadiums and Shrine.
check it out...