Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WESTWORD MAGAZINE previews/reviews the..
art/music of "highway driveway" and "the poquito pioneer"

"While we don't generally talk about cover art reveals or preorder deals, this one is simply too good to pass up."
"For its part, Highway Drive is a meandering electronic record inhabiting the space somewhere between a psychedelic freak-out in the desert and an inspiring vision quest lead by a generous but ungrateful wolf. It's a solid cohesive album that bangs along to a slightly different drum than one might expect from Stevens.
The Poquito Pioneer, in contrast, is rooted more in what you might expect from Wentworth Kersey. There's more going on here lyrically, and guitars are a bit more prevalent, but it's still not a traditional rock record by any means. "Me and the Lonesome Road," is probably one of the most upbeat tracks on the record, with a whistling track that holds the whole thing together it feels like something out of an Ennio Morricone soundtrack."
"Don't take our word for it though -- listen to both EPs right now."